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( 03/12/17)

The question now is: Will The expected Fed Rate increase stop the Trump rally.

The below chart of the basic S&P Sectors captures the strong move Up.

S&P Basic Sectors Ribbon Chart

Please note: These charts and comments are not recommendations and are provided for information only.



   Marijuana stocks display a very strong move up.


    Modern Portfolio Theory ( MPT )

    The below table and charts are obtained  by applying  Modern Portfolio Theory ( MPT ).

    Diversification relies on (MPT), which states that investors should protect themselves and minimize financial risks by spreading wealth among a range of uncorrelated assets.

     MPT  provides an interesting way to analyze and rank the components of a given portfolio. The below charts  describe the best stocks and their associated portfolio percentage weights for a particular slice of the resulting Efficient Frontier. The reference for this work is " An Introduction to Investment Theory" by William N. Goetzmann ( Yale School of Management ).

        The other side of MPT is presented by Mandelbrot in " The MisBehavior Of Markets"   


 Level(5) Table and Breakout Chart


 Applying the Triple Average CCP process, to all data sets, yielded the below table and chart.

Triple Average CCP for all ETF data sets.



How To Profit From A Market Correction With Inverse ETFs

The daily up-close view of the market is usually too chaotic to make sense of. The below monthly chart  is a long-term  chart of the S&P 500 and allows us to stand back and get an overall market view.




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